Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week Elevent

All I can say to this week's blog readings is WOW!

The first part is a class blog, where it showed a video voicethread that they had made for a young girl whose father had talked to their class via Skype. This was a really sweet thing for some young kids to do, as little Kaia was not yet able to read. The next part was Kaia's own blog where it showed some pictures and a presentation that she had done. WOW this little girl can take some pictures. The next was a blog by her father. He expressed his thoughts on the video voicethread that the students had done, and also how his daughter's work had been picked up by various people across the country and world - from New Zealand to Alaska!

I absolutely think that this is the future of education. We are in a time and place in our culture today where knowledge is going universal. Making presentations and videos will soon become the norm. I think this is a good thing. It gives a global perspective to young students who may not otherwise have the chance to see other people in the nation or world...people whom they may never meet in real life, but may be able to have a significant impact upon. Taking knowledge to a global level like that also gives students a sense of accomplishment that nothing else can. Plus doing projects of this sort eliminates some of the paperwork grading a teacher is required to do, which frees up class time for him or her to help the students on their projects. I do not think technology will totally eliminate the need for teachers and paperwork, but it will greatly cut down on time that teachers spend doing some kinds of paperwork and let them focus on the reason they have a job - their students!

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