Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week Ten

I really enjoyed Morgan Bayda's blog post "An Open Letter to Educators". I can absolutely identify with the sentiments she shared.

The thing that I most identify with is the encouragement to communicate factor. Although in most of my classes, we do cooperative activities and things like that, it is not near like what we do here in EDM 310. The entirety of the class hinges on communicating with others and sharing our knowledge. In other classes, cooperative learning is only an element of the class. I enjoy the element of EDM 310 that allows us to share what we have learned with other people and to take in what others have learned.

I also really identify with her sentiment about sitting for hours listening to lectures on things that you never read. A lot of my freshman and sophomore year classes were like that. A few of my teachers made them interesting, enjoyable, and relevant, but most were your typical, boring college lecture class. I would love to see teachers make things more relevant in their lectures...maybe not a full on technology style, but more interactive and fun. I enjoy EDM in that the things we cover in this class are completely relevant to our future in the world of education.

I also got the chance to do some commenting on other people's blogs this week. I got to comment on a video done by a group of 10-12 year olds...these guys are seriously creative! I got to comment on a teacher's blog in CANADA as well as my classmates! I love reading what others have to say and show!!!

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