Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 14

7th Grade PLE
This student's PLE looks absolutely nothing like mine! The student has so many different things that she uses and people she follows and that follow her. I think it is wild yet wonderful that she has all these connections. I hope to one day build such a vast network like that.

Two Questions
What's my sentence?
Was I better today than yesterday?

Everyone wants to be known for something, but no one can do everything. I think having that one sentence - that one thing - is the key to finding fulfillment. If you try to do everything, it is so easy for burn-out to occur and it happens so quickly as well. If I could pick one sentence to be "my sentence" as an educator, it would be as someone who impacted students academically and in all other areas of life.

I also think we all must try to better ourselves each and ever day. There is always at least one thing that we can do better. We could be kinder, more patient, or make an conscious effort to do something nice for someone. As an educator, this has great applications. We can try each day to better understand our provide an environment that is that much more conducive to refine teaching methods so that the most amount of learning can take place. Every single teacher, no matter how long you have taught, can always, ALWAYS do better in some area, and I aim to always be trying to improve myself in this area throughout my career.

Comments for Others
This week's teacher blog that I read had to deal with creativity. I cannot discuss it at length here, but head on over to this blog post by David Warlick and you'll see what I mean! My student blog this week was a little boy sharing about what he was looking forward to about camp. And as always I got to see what my classmates were writing about and read and comment on their thoughts as well!

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  1. Hi lady bug. I come from Class E. This 7th grader was the bomb wasn't she. She inspired me to become more organized with the my work. I adore the organization of your blog and I look forward to visiting you work again.