Thursday, April 22, 2010


For my interview project, I had the privilege of talking to someone who I not only respect as an educator, but is a dear friend of mine as well - Causey Middle School Assistant Principal, Dr. Lynn Cleveland. Our time together was brief, but enriching as well.

The first topic of our conversation was about the types of technology that are currently in use at her school. Dr. Cleveland shared with me the several types of basic technology that are currently in use at Causey Middle School, such as LCD projectors, Smartboards, Smartpads (a small hand held version of the Smartboards, which I did not even know existed.), and the various computers that they use. A few of the Language Arts classes also use blogging as a project. She also told me that some of their programs are computer based and some more are headed that way. Skype, Twitter, and Facebook are not used as a regular part of the classrooms for students because of they may be able to get into things they should not get into on the Web.

The second topic of our conversation centered around the things that she as an administrator would like to see used more at her school. She said that she would like to see some of the educational aspects of Twitter and Facebook used. She also said she would like to see more of the Smartpads used, but due to funding, that is proving to be a challenge.

Last, but not not least, I posed the kicker question of our entire course: should teachers be technologically literate? Her answer was a resounding YES! She said that, as an administrator, when she is observing her teachers, she makes a note of whether or not they use technology in some form or fashion. And in her words, "If they are not, my question is why [are they not using technology in their classroom]?" Another statement that she made that I think is completely true is that if you aren't technologically literate in some way, you might as well not even go into education. I think this is true because technology will soon be the basis for absolutely everything!

I am thankful that Dr. Cleveland was able to spend this time with me and share an administrator's perspective on technology in the classroom and how that is incorporated in her school specifically.

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