Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project 8

For this project, I chose to discuss how I would go about teaching someone - namely a group of my students - how to use Twitter and how I would incorporate it into the classroom.

First, I would show the students my own Twitter account and show them what it looks like.

Then, I would lead them through the steps of creating their own Twitter account that are spelled out on the site.

I would show them how to Tweet, Re-tweet, Reply, send direct messages, and change their profile information and privacy settings. I would also assist them in collecting followers and requesting that others follow them.

In the classroom, I would use it as a means for my students to post answers about different things. Instead of having a homework assignment as such, I could say, "Tweet your answer to this question by [insert specified time and date]." This is a fun, non-conventional way for students to show what they have learned, but get used to new technology at the same time.

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