Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week Four ~ Podcasts/Blogs

Podcasting and Blogging with 3rd Graders

I came across the Langwitches Blog about podcasting with 3rd graders. Since this is the grade I desire to teach, I was particularly interested in this one. The students assigned an endangered species in Florida and had to research it not only to become an expert on it, but to produce a podcast as well. It is neat to to think that they are not only becoming experts themselves, but they are sharing that expertise with other students across the country and the world.

I also found a post on this same blog entitled "Blogging with Elementary School Students". I know our focus this week is on podcasting and the like, but I found this article to be really neat as well. It talked about how students not only use classroom blogs just to foster their own creativity and such, BUT teachers also use as a means of communication. The post homework assignments, classroom announcements, and other important news. I think puts a new spin on the importance of blogging and of web communication in general (in all the various forms it takes).

I can absolutely see myself using both of these tools in my classroom one day. Podcasts are a really neat, interactive way to enhance student learning and to have something that they can preserve forever. Plus, the podcasts can be used to help other students learn as well. Blogs are really effective tools of creativity and communication. With the proper guidelines, I think any student of writing age can learn to blog and journal his or her thoughts.

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