Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week Five ~ Wikipedia and More


This is probably one of the most debated subjects in all of technology. Is it reliable or is it not? Anyone can post anything (generally speaking) and many may see it and take it as the truth. There are ways for that information to be tracked and monitored, but it still gravely affects the site's credibility as a source of reliable information. I don't want to destroy Wikipedia entirely. I think it is a good starting point. I do, however, think that one should be VERY careful using the site and not trust it alone. Search out other information. Expand beyond Wikipedia and get more information from places that might hold just a little more credibility than Wikipedia.


Mr. McClung, a Missouri teacher, posted a blog about his first year of teaching. The insights he shared were really profound, but simple at the same time. The main thing that stuck out to me was about listening to your students and keeping your lessons student centered. So often, we teachers can get caught up in the test scores, student achievement, and so on that we forget that school is all about the students anyways. We forget that they are the entire reason we are in the position we are! So instead of trying to impress our superiors, let's listen to our students. Let's involve them in the learning process. They will be much more willing to learn and participate if they have a say-so in the way things go, with the teacher providing management and authority. And I believe that if we do that, the achievement and high scores will come!


  1. I agree with you about the fact that we do not need to take Wikipedia off entirely, but that we just need to do some revising and to be very careful whenever we use it. Also, I agree with what you said about how teachers can get caught up in test scores and student achievement, and we forget that the school is about the students anyway. I like this post.

  2. Rebecca,

    Students are our core business and they should get the best service we can deliver. That is one of the main reasons this course changed! The course is now more practical and student centered and I think this has made it so much better.

  3. Wikipedia to me seems like a waste of time and should not be used. I do agree with you that it can be used but I don't see the point. It should not be taken off but it should be monitored more more closely because of the content that can be added to pages with no validity.

    Good blog