Saturday, January 30, 2010

Podcasts and Videos

~ Podcasts ~

To be frankly honest, I did not enjoy this assignment as much as I have other previous blog assignments. The SmartBoard and KidCast podcasts were my favorites by far though. They were very relevant to my future career and were entertaining and fun to listen to. Smart boards are really fun to use, and it was neat to hear how podcasts can be used to set the tone for a field trip or another classroom assignment of any sort. My least favorites had to be EdTechtalk, MacBreak weekly, and This Week in Photography. Not a one of those podcasts seemed any bit as relevant to me. During part of one of them, all they were talking about was bridge scaling or something along those lines. What under God's blue sky does that have to do with anything at all?! I thought those last three were silly, irrelevant, and over all, just not worth listening to.

~ Videos ~

The first video about 1st grade Media Literacy was interesting to watch. These first graders were really smart in so many areas. I was amazed at how they knew how to navigate the computer and get to their class's blog! It's amazing to know how early they are learning things. It makes me wonder what students will know how to do in a few years.

The second one shocked me. It was nice to see how the teacher was teaching them the importance of using nice words in their comments. They use the internet to learn both in the school and at home. They use blogs to improve writing skills. They used Wikis to find information about various topics. They used videos to help learn the alphabet, which I think is really a neat way to learn things. They communicate via Skype with other students.

May we as teachers rise to this challenge to implore these means to teach our students!


  1. Rebecca,

    What you said about Podcasts being something very interesting to you and something that you could use in the future was very important. The key to learning about technology is to expose students to a variety of technologies out there and let them find some that they really think are useful or interesting. Students will run with them if they are interested.

  2. I agree that many of the podcast were uninteresting and seemingly pointless for future teachers. I enjoyed the ones on the smartboard though. I think they wanted us to listen to them so we would have an idea on how to make podcast or in this case how not to make them.